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The technology makes it possible to create parts and materials faster and more efficiently, reduces costs, and reduces the need for costly trial and error.

Aside from these benefits, one of the main reasons retailers embrace 3D printing is the wide range of disciplines that fall under the umbrella of “retail”. Because 3D printing can be applied to packaging, shop fittings, lighting, exhibition spaces, and the products themselves.

The increasing prevalence of 3D printing in the retail niche reflects the overall growth of the additive manufacturing industry as a whole. The latest estimates put the industry at $ 36 billion for next year and $ 63.46 billion by 2025.

As mentioned above, 3D printed products are on the rise, especially in retail. Below we see can see how some companies are already using 3D printing in their retail business:

Ministry of Supply - This company uses NASA space suit technology to create "smart" clothing for both genders. Clothing uses "phase change materials" that can control body heat, reduce perspiration, and limit odor. In addition, the clothing can be adapted to the individual shape of the user, remains stored all day (shirts) and is wrinkle-free. Impressive isn't it? The company recently launched a new line of smart jackets that respond to voice control and learn to automatically warm up to the desired temperature. At their outlet store in Boston, you can order a custom 3D printed garment as it's ready in 90 minutes. Even better, the process does not involve waste.

Reebok - Reebok introduced 3D printing technology into its manufacturing processes at its Liquid Factory in Rhode Island; They did this to improve the speed and quality of the production facilities. The factory was developed by the Reebok Future team and uses state-of-the-art software and robotics to 3D print shoes in three-dimensional layers. The method allows the creation of unique and personalized shoes without the need for traditional molds.

Staples - Staples is no stranger to 3D printing. This company has been offering a 3D printing service for years. Customers can connect to the Internet and upload designs for office products from the comfort of their home. The Staples staff will then print your custom designs in store and the final product will be delivered to your doorstep. In its latest evolution, Staples has launched 'Easy 3D' which will bring affordable, photorealistic 3D printing products from Staples stores to consumers, product designers, architects, healthcare professionals, educators, students, and others. Customers simply upload electronic files, after which the models can be delivered or picked up at the store.

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