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Our History

Offshore Procurement Solutions is passionate about Retail! The industry inspired OPS to utilize our International Retail Markets expertise to offer Products and Services of global standard to the Local Market. A combination of over 30 years experience both in the Local and International Retail Markets ensures expert advice, understanding of markets and International Procurement Abilities.

We create, with our clients, solutions to the fascinating ever-evolving, visual world of retail.

Attention to detail and knowledge of market trends ensure that relevant and innovative products are available to satisfy the needs of this ever-changing environment.

OPS is committed to being ‘Unashamedly Ethical’ and dedicated to looking after our environment. We are passionate about what we do, believing the impossible IS possible.

We have a ‘lowest cost ethos’ driven by a highly knowledgeable yet lean overhead structure. Through our global partner network, we have extensive manufacturing capabilities situated in key regions of the world.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We aspire to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary by creating the perfect visual dialog. 

Our client's visual concepts become a reality through the international industry's trending manufacturing and processing techniques as implemented by us. 

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